Wed, 2021-04-07

News about BuyBack guarantees

Dear Investors,


Due to policy changes of the Lenndy platform on 17th of March 2021, loan originators have been obliged to redeem all claim rights from investors that have BuyBack guarantees. 

The changes in the financial market and the COVID pandemic in the world, have shown that 100% buyback guarantee is risky for both, the loan operators and the investors.

As of this matter Lenndy will no-longer publish new claim righ...

Thu, 2021-03-18

Lenndy will no longer sell loans secured by the BuyBack guarantee

Dear Investors, 


Due to the risks associated with loans secured by the BuyBack guarantee, Lenndy platform is changing its business model and will no longer sell loans secured by the BuyBack guarantee to investors (related information).

Regarding current loans, issued with “Buyback” guarantee, on the basis of art. 9.1 of Lenndy Claim Assignment Agreement (Special Te...

Fri, 2021-02-12

Lenndy Notice to Investors

Dear Investors,

Global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 brought unprecedented challenges to the global business community. Unfortunately, Lenndy loan originators and borrowers were not an exception. As a result of economic lock-downs and loan repayment moratoriums in some of our markets, many borrowers delayed or defaulted on theirs repayments, causing substantial reductions of cash-flow to loan originators, who sell their claims on Lenndy platform. As a result, as...