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Please see the financial statements of Lenndy for 2019 year attached. We understand how important for you is to see Lenndy financial statements to evaluate our transparency.

We want to remind, that Lenndy platform is in Latvia, but we are running it from Lithuania office, for that reason profits are not left in Lenndy SIA. Another point, that investors money are held in our depository account at LHV Bank, investments are made directly to the investors account and returned back to the investors. Lenndy is not issuing loans as a platform, not buying them, or carrying those risks. We are working as a marketplace for the loan originators and investors, where everyone can benefit each other. Our main tasks are assuring that everyone's interest would be represented in a right way, our investors money would be safe and loan originators could grow their portfolios and further benefit investors with the interest payments.

In case of a collapse of Lenndy, all investors money are safe, invested money are with loan originators and you are holding claim rights to the loans you invested in, while not invested money is in a depository account at LHV Bank, that is totally separated from Lenndy SIA funds.

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