First Finance, Daily Credit and Lenndy join Giantus Group!

Go back Tue, 2020-10-06

Dear investors,

In just 5 years Lenndy platform has attracted 8 372 investors who invested more than EUR 37 million into almost 13 thousand loans. And it is just the beginning of our journey, that enters next stage today with improved organizational structure. Thank you for being a very important part of Lenndy.

With growing businesses, we came to a natural point where we evaluated how creating a more centralized ownership and management structure could help increase the effectiveness of the companies and benefit you – the investors. The decision has been made to establish a holding structure – Giantus Group – as a mother company. This means that from now on the shares of P2P lending marketplace Lenndy as well as loan operators First Finance and Daily Credit will be consolidated into Giantus Group.

We assure you - this change is purely organizational. The beneficial owners do not change, Lenndy keeps business as usual and stays open for investors and third-party loan originators. This change does not affect you nor require any actions from your side. Lenndy will continue our business collaboration with you as usual.

At the same time, we see great benefits for you from the more integrated structure of Giantus Group. The new structure will allow us to keep optimizing operations, ensure continuous portfolio and profit growth for investors, and increase the volume of loans and products. In addition to that, Giantus Group also embraces property valuation and insurance businesses. Therefore, we’ll be able to control the quality of evaluation of borrowers even better and ensure high loan safety.

To ensure best management practice and corporate governance, Giantus Group will also operate as a holding with the Board of experts, including the founders of the Lenndy platform. Learn more about the Group’s structure here.

We will make sure to provide a continuous consolidated audit of the entire group of companies. Also, the financial reports will be continuously prepared by independent auditors.

As we are introducing the new holding name, please pay attention to the changes in titles of loan originators:

  • the Daily Credit will now operate under Giantus pożyczki name (;
  • First Finance trademark company UAB Alternatyvus finansavimas becomes Giantus finance and will now serve both individual and business loans;
  • the already issued loans from UAB SOSCREDIT will be indicated as First Finance trademark.

We truly believe that this integrated structure and more centralized management will help us to ensure your steady portfolio and profit growth as well as help you to achieve your financial goals more efficiently and successfully.


Thank you for being with us!