Mon, 2020-09-07


Lenndy platform has been added to Moonpeer. Moonpeer is a tool to track and monitor P2P investments. It helps to build a well diversified P2P investment portfolios for new and also experienced investors. Moonpeer organizes Webinars to learn basic things on how to start investing and gives some tips about P2P lending.

Some facts about Moonpeer:

1. Moonpeer was founded in 2020 to give an opportunity for investors to see a European online marketplace for...

Tue, 2020-05-12


Dear Lenndy investors,

All around the world, COVID-19 pandemic is changing the dynamics of human lives. These changes are having an impact on the lives of individuals and the survival of businesses. The month of April 2020 was full of challenges and unexpected turns in all markets and the P2P market was no exception. The announced quarantine and other actions taken to reduce the negative effects of the global pandemic took a toll on all business sectors.  These transformat...

Mon, 2020-04-06


As you know Lenndy doesn’t have a secondary market (the place where investors can place their investments for sale to other registered Lenndy investors), but from today we’re releasing availability to buy loans directly contacting our team by email

  • Lenndy will not charge any additional fees
  • Discount from 5% 

If you are interested drop us a line to Read more