Wed, 2020-03-25


“ From its very beginning in 2016 Lenndy has been investing all its energy and potential into pursuing its mission: to turn Lenndy into an attractive investment tool and to build and maintain business partnerships based on trust and common values. The rapid spread of COVID19 caused instability and turmoil in the markets; however, now more than ever before Lenndy team is united and determined to overcome all the obstacles and offer good lending opportunities to small and medium busin...

Mon, 2020-03-02


In 2019 Lenndy platform continued demonstrating high growth rates. In the reporting period Lenndy placed 4806 new loans and 2539 new investors joined the platform. The total sum of investments reached 12 765 483 EUR and the investors earnings amounted to 1 122 123,72 EUR. Default ratio is very low only 0,18% from all the repaid loans, the loans in value of 40 897,56 EUR turned to be defa...

Tue, 2020-02-25

"BALTAI" repaid successfully!

We want to inform you, that the largest project in Lenndys' history was repaid successfully. Together with the interest and late interest, almost 1 million euros was paid to the investors. Investors earned over 152k euros of interest.

It was quite a complicated real estate loan, that was usually late for the last months. We were receiving a lot of questions, of what is going to happen, when will the money be repaid. That was not an easy pro...