First Finance – is a fast growing financing services company, which offers alternative loan services in Lithuania since 2012. First Finance provides its customers with both classical leasing and leaseback leasing services, which had great popularity in Lithuania and Europe. First Finance chooses people who value rational financial decisions and flexibility.

“DPMP auto sales inc.“ from 2013 provides used vehicle leasing services in Miami, USA. The company specializes in the sale and financing of vehicles in Florida. The main clients of the company are working and stable income people who have recently gained US citizenship and still had not managed to build a good credit history (credit score) and therefore has a limited ability to borrow from the big financial institutions. “DPMP Auto Sales Inc.” staff speaks six languages and is able to professionally assess the solvency of potential customers.

SIMPLEFIN is the accounts financing services company whose clients include small and medium enterprises (SME). SIMPLEFIN helps SMEs to free up long settlement freeze funds within 48 hours. The system enables enterprise to use the money immediately after the invoice, without payment deferral terms.